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How to check the product list and create new products in The Dashboard

If you still don’t know how to log into the Dashboard page of HANGPOPOK CLOUD POS SYSTEM, click here

We have a post overview of the Dashboard page – HANGPOPOK CLOUD POS SYSTEM here. In this post we will guide you details on how to check the product list and create new products in the Dashboard page. Firstly, you have to click to the PRODUCT tab in the Dashboard page like in the photo below:

A list include Category, Price Book and Stock-Take will fall down. To create new products or check the product list, you have to click on the Product Type.

There will be a list of product display on the screen. In this list, you have product code, product name, retail price, supply price, product quantity and product status. On the left hand side there is four blank box. The first blank box is for you to search for product

You can either type the code of product or the product name then tab Enter on your keyboard, the product with the same code will display on the screen.

The next blank box is the place for you to search for the product group. For example, if you want to know which noodle brand you are having in your stock and how many for each type just click on Noodle in the list fall down

The third box is the Product Status, You can know which product is available to sell, which are not here. You can set more product statuses to help you manage the stock easier

The last box is for you to adjust the number of products display in one page. You can choose 30, 60, 90 or 120 products display in one page.

If you have an excel file that contain the additional product list that you want to import to this list. You can click the IMPORT button on the right side right above the product list. After that, a window will appear for you to choose the file.

You want to create the product, click the Add Product button, then this window named “Create Product” will display

In the General tab, there are:

  • Code: each product should have a code to easily manage and find them
  • Name (Primary): You can written the product name in Khmer
  • Name (Secondary): Besides the Khmer name, if you want you can add one more English name for the product
  • Retail price: Selling price of products
  • Supply price: The price the supplier provide you
  • Stock quantity: The quantity of product in stocks
  • Limit Stock Quantity: You can set the minimum or maximum number of each product in stocks
  • Keywords:
  • Location: In case you have different stocks, you can state clearly the name of the stock in this location box
  • Status: Product status can be Out of stock, Available, Stop Production… It is up to you to set up the product status to manage
  • Product groups: For you to choose the category for your product. Like MAMA noodle belongs to the INSTANT NOODLE group. If you want to create the Sub Category for your product, click on the “+” signs beside this product group box. Another box will appear, in this box, type the name of the sub category, choose the parent category, adding some notes if you want and then click save changes. For example, you have a lot of NOODLE you want to separate them to THAI NOODLE, KHMER NOODLE, or INDONESIA NOODLE, you can set these subcategory inside the parent Category NOODLE.

Next is the VARIANT tab. This Variant tab help you specify the product’s features. For example, you have a machine made from China and its color is red. You can type “Origin” in the Name Box Then “China” in the Value box. Then if you want to add more features, click “Add”, then type “Color” in the name box and then “Red”. Now you have a product made in China and its color is Red.

The next tab is UNIT tab. This tab apply for you when you have a product with different packages. For example, for one sell one pack of MAMA NOODLE or one box of it. Then in this tab, you can type “pack” as your Base Unit. Then in the “Unit Name” type Box, in the “Exchange” box type the number of noodle pack in one box (there usually are 30 packs of noodle in one box). “Stock quantity” is the number of box in your stock, “Retail price” is the selling price for one box then “Code” is the code you set for one box. You just need to type in the number of pack in one box and the price for the box, the system will calculate the price of each pack for you.


The Final Tab is the Description Tab, you can add description of your product here. After that click “SAVE CHANGES” then your new product has been created.

That’s how to to check the product list and create new products in The Dashboard. In the next post, we will guide you on how to create the price book.

Thanks for choosing and believing in HANGPOPOK, Affordable CLOUD POS System in Cambodia.



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