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How can HangPopok POS Cloud System help you?

Manage orders of customers

Managing orders from customers is not an easy job. Before the customer receives the products and makes payment, they will adjust their orders several times. And it would be really difficult and taking time if we have to screen back the list of messages everyday and fix the orders everyday in multiple chat programs (Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram…) Save all the orders in Hangpopok POS System, you will be able to manage and edit their order till the bill is completed. You can keep track of the deposit money they have paid last time with just a few clicks. This makes your job much faster and much easier.

Report on all kinds of money

Selling online means you will receive payments through bank, money express and in cash at the same time. So managing all types of money at once is one of the issues that the online shop owners care about. The report all types of money and the specific amount in cash, transferred by bank and money express will be listed out to avoid any losses may occur.

Website for customer to order

HangPopok POS Cloud System is connected with a website for customer order. The website can be accessed from IOS and Android easily and all the orders will be sent to the POS system. This creates a loop which helps you manage from the time customers order to the delivery time.

Manage delivery partner

Sometimes customers call and ask why did not your shop send them the last orders. Most of the time you will find it difficult to answer this question before checking with the delivery man. Using HangPopok POS Cloud System, the delivery partner can update the delivery status of the product. They can update either the product is successfully delivered or failed and by what reason. So just check the customer name/phone number or bill you will know the failed reasons to answer back to your customer real quick.

What is special about our system


Modern Real-time Cloud Technology

Hangpopok POS Cloud System is applied real-time cloud technology which helps all datas sync between departments like order - cashier - kitchen/bar/dessert smoothly and immediately. This ensures an efficient, effective process in restaurants.


Manage multiple branches easier

All data in every branch is sent to the admin/manager account. Manager/Owner can check the report, know the number of available tables /as well as the current revenue at that time with just a few touches on his/her smartphone.

Simple design for all users

Hangpopok POS Cloud System is designed absolutely simple and easy-to-use for people who don't even know how to use a computer. Cashiers and orders can learn to use the system within 30 minutes.

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Success stories around country



Steve Thai

Software Architect

With more than 10 years of experience working on cloud computing and POS system and other experiences working in multiple international companies. Mr. Steve always aims to bring comfortable experiences for customers when using HangPopok POS Cloud System with the latest technology and features.


Vivie Sok

Head of Marketing/Sales

Our mission is to help all the shop owners in Khmer to manage their shop just like the way the owner in Korea, Japan, America, and other developed countries. Therefore, our sales team always strive our best to provide the most suitable solution for every owner and by your side till they can use it.


Chav Sohy

Senior Software Consultant

No matter small street shops or medium shops or enterprises, I am passionate about consulting customers to find out their problem in managing their shops and providing the best solutions for them so that they can expand their business further.


Vunn Vong

Senior Technician

Support customers when they having problems with their hardware to ensure their selling in the shops is what I dedicate to. Quick support and the satisfaction of customers are my motivation and what I am passionate about.


Receive cute gift & 15 days trial