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If you still don’t know how to log in to dashboard HANGPOPOK Cloud POS System Cambodia, please click here

The dashboard is for the business owner only. Therefore, there are a lot of information in this page that we cannot guide you in just one post. We will post in sequence to guide you details on dashboard page. In this post, we take you through what inside the dashboard page. Then, in the upcoming post we will dig deep inside each section.

This is the dashboard page when you log in

When you first log in the dashboard page, you will immediately see a chart. This chart shows your revenue each day in a month. With this chart, you can easily know which day you have the highest revenue and which day is the lowest. This helps you create appropriate promotion strategy for your business.

On the upper right corner you can notice a box, if your brand has more than one shop, you will need to choose your branch here. If you want to come to the sell page just click the red SELL button on the right hand side of the branch box

Scroll down a little bit you will see another chart

Different from the chart above, this chart shows you your ten best-selling products in a month. You will know exactly what is going on with your business, which products are loved by customers and which are not. With this chart, you are able to import the right products for your business.

Now Scrolling up again, I will give you some information about each tab above

First is the PRODUCT tab

Inside this PRODUCT tab, we have Product type, Price book and Stock Check

  • Product type: List of products and price you have in your shops currently. You can divided them to different product groups to easily manage them
  • Price book: You may have different group of customers (like retail and wholesale customers) then you may need different price book for each type of customers. With this price book function, you may not making any more mistake in selling different price for different customers.
  • Stock check: This section confirms your stock status. You can check the number of each product types inside your shops. You will not meet the situation in which you don’t know which product still have inside your stock and which is not again.

Second is the TRANSACTIONS tab

This tab includes all TRANSACTIONS you have made inside a day. They are

  • Receipts: Receipts show the number of sales transaction you have had inside a day. Base on a receipt you will get exact information on which customers buy which product at when.
  • Refund: Some of your products are not function well and your customers require a refund. This section will helps you record all of that transaction. Certainly, it is not good if there are too many refunds inside a day, a week or a month.
  • Stock-in: Stock-in is the number of products you buy to your stock. Tracking stock-in help you know the cash flow and your stock status
  • Stock-out: If your customers has the right to request you a refund for a broken products, then you also has the right to return back that product to your suppliers. All of the broken products sending back to your suppliers will be record to this section
  • Stock-shift: In case you have a lot of shops, sometimes you need to shift the products between the shops. This section helps you to track these transactions.

Certainly, as a business operator, your partners will be either your customers or your suppliers

  • Customers: You will save a list of your Loyal customers, Wholesale customers … any kind of customer groups that you want here
  • Suppliers: All your suppliers information with the transactions you have made with them will be save here. Now, you don’t need to check a pile of books for these information anymore

The next tab we are going to talk about is the CASH-FLOW tab

The CASH-FLOW tab tracks the amount of cash expenses and incomes during your business operation time. With these information, you will know which expenses are not necessary to cut down to increase your profit.

The final tab is the REPORT tab:

In the REPORT tab, you will find out:

  • The day-end report: This is the summary page at the end of the day. You will able to take a look at the sales revenue report, the products sold report or the customers that buy the most here
  • The sales report: Sales report shows revenue/profits. You can also check which staff sell the most products and which sell the least here.
  • The products report: Which products are your customer favorite today? What is the revenue/profit these product bring you? You will get all info all your product here
  • The customers report: You can find which customers bring you the most profit/revenue here.

So we have finish a brief look at your dashboard. It is a lot of information that HANGPOPOK Cloud POS System Cambodia provide you, isn’t it? ^^ Don’t worry, we will guide you each tab in details in the upcoming posts.

Thank you for believing HANGPOPOK Cloud POS System Cambodia. We are here to help you manage your business better.

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