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How can we refund with Hangpopok POS Cloud System

You are using Hangpopok Cloud POS System and you are wondering how can you record when customers request to return you the products which they have bought?


Don’t worry! With Hangpopok, we always try to make sure that you have full support even our team is not close by. We have different articles regarding different questions you may have.  in this article, we will guide you details how to carry on a refund in Hangpopok Cloud POS System.


First you have to check the code on the receipt that you have printed out for this customer. After you’ve got the code of the receipt code, in this case, it is B0000003, carry on to the next step.


The bill code in the upper section of the receipt


Open your sales page, click on the arrow on the top right corner

A window will pop up, choose on the list the receipt code fit with the number above, then click to the open icon in the picture.

When the receipt opened, choose the product name they want to return and type in the product quantity that they need to refund. After that, click the Green Button as below.

So you have completed your return. The number of product quantity will be updated in the system. Then, it’s up to you to print the refund receipt or not. 🙂

Thank you for using Hangpopok POS Cloud System Cambodia


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