What is Cloud Computing? And why do we choose to name ourself Hangpopok?

Cloud Computing has been a modern and trending technology in the 21st century. Almost all World Leading Companies are now using Cloud Computing . It shifts the Internet from the fact that a person need a computer to surf Internet to the situation where people can share anything they want by any electronic devices they have in anywhere, anytime.


We choose the name Hangpopok to demonstrate our aim to bring the latest technology to Cambodia people. We want to make sure you are able to use the best products at the best price like other people in other developed countries all over the World.


Started with Hangpopok Cloud POS System, we want to help small and medium shop owners manage their shop effectively in the way that other shop owners all over the World are managing their business.


We, Hangpopok, provide services with integrity, responsibility and passion.

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