Why should we use barcode in our shop?


“Barcode is only use for mini mart or supermarket, I need POS system but I don’t need using barcodes”. At Hangpopok we often get this answer from some shop owners. That’s why we decided to write a post to state the benefits of using barcodes in managing your retailing businesses.

The top benefits of barcodes:

  1. Show you exactly the number of stocks: You have a clothes shop and a lot of stocks. A customer sends a message to your Facebook page and asking for a model for size M. How can you know how many M sizes you have in stock? If you have a barcode for each piece of clothing, you will know exactly the number of that piece inside your stock.
  2. Saving time: A normal POS without barcode forces you to either remember the name of each of your products or their code number and type in the system to know the price. However, with a barcode stick on the product and a barcode scanner, you will get all information in seconds.
  3. Looking professional: Scanning a barcode or printing receipts to customers make your shop looks professional and high standards. This is a plus point for you in this competitive marketplace
  4. Inexpensive and easy to print: In Hangpopok Clous POS System, you can generate a barcode easily and print it out with a cost of pennies.
  5. Using a barcode and you will not depend on your employees anymore: In some shops, the shop owners has to depend on their employee and has to satisfy some of their unreasonable request just to keep them. This is because the shop owners don’t want to spend times to train for another employee to get used to their products and prices. However, with a barcode stick on each product, any employee can know quickly the selling price and the product descriptions.
  6. Eliminate possibility of human errors: If there are too many customers in your shop at once, your staff might be confused and input the wrong name or code into the system. With a barcode and a barcode scanner, your staffs can just focus on supporting and consulting the customers rather than carrying too many tasks at once.

In conclusion, using barcode with a POS System is an inexpensive and highly effective method that can be applied in managing the shops. With so many benefits listing above, you are able to see that not only mini mart fit in using barcode, if you are opening a clothes shop, shoe shops or any other shops that has a wide range of products, barcodes is certainly one of the best choice.

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