Understand your business financial situation with HangPopok POS Cloud System

Do not have a clear picture about your shop financial situation makes it difficult for you to identify the right business strategy.

Molika has opened her fashion shop for 1 year. She is using pen and paper to record her selling each day. Her shop opened at 9am and closed at 8pm so she doesnt have time to calculate her profit and loss every day. She decided to do this job at the end of the month instead. Its always a nightmare to Molika when she gather all bills and start to work them out. In some receipts, ink is blurred while others handwritten takes time to understand. Additionally, some are lost and Molika cannot find them out. She also cannot remember all of the costs she has spent as some of them doesnt have bills.

As a result, though Molika has put a lot of effort in calculating profit and loss each month. Her number is still not exactly true. Although, she hardly knows the best-selling products as well as the products that brought the highest profit to her shop

This is the fact that most of the shop owner is facing. How to help them out?


Molika and the shop owners like her only need to spend $7/month to own Hangpopok POS Cloud System which can help them resolve their problem.

       Clear Report on your Shop Financial Situation: All of the data that you input to the system every day like the number of product sold or all the costs us gathered and calculated by Hangpopok POS Cloud System to provide you details report or visual report. This helps you know exactly your shop financial situation

       Input your cost directly by your phone: Sometimes, you spend money for your shop while you are not at your shop to input data in the computer. With Hangpopok POS Cloud System, you can input the data into the system by your mobile phone easily everywhere. By this way, you will never lost any expenditure or income.

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