Business Story 1: UPSELLING COMBO

We, Hangpopok, alway strive to help improving your business performance. Therefore, besides providing the most modern and effective POS system in the market, we would like to post regularly the business lessons for all shop owners.

We shall start with the first lesson: Upselling​ Combo

If you have been to 7 Eleven in America, you would have been seen weird combo from Budweiser. They sell their 12 beer cans combo for $17 while the 18 beer cans combo costs $18.

Without thinking, customers immediately pick up the 18 beer cans combo and bring it to the cashier as they think that they have got an excellent deal. After purchasing, it might be too late to realise that they have bought more than what they really need. And consequently, the sales of Budweiser increases by half due to their pricing strategy.

Actually, the 12 beer cans combo is arranged to encourage customer buy the 18 beer cans combo. This is called Upselling by Combo. We gave customers choices because they love to make choice but their is no “NO” choice.

Customer don’t like being sold. If you are giving too many choice, it might negatively affect to your customers and make them confused. However, if you has only one option, they also don’t want to buy your product.

To conclude, you have to convinced your customers that they are receiving much more value by buying the thing you want them to buy. It make them satisfy and as a result, enhance the relationship between your shop/brand and your customers


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