How to apply an POS System to your business without costing you a lot?



You want to apply a POS System to manage your business better but don’t want to invest in a lot of money? We have a solution for you!

Applying a POS System can bring you a lot of benefits as a business owner. With a POS System, you can:

+ Knows your income, profits, expenditures, quickly at the end of the day, week, month

+ Know your stocks status immediately

+ Able to track customers information to set up strategy to sell them more

+ Know which products are your bestseller which don’t bring you much profit

And a lot more

But as a small shop owners, you know the benefits of a POS System but afraid to install one because:

+ It cost you a lot to buy equipment

+ The installation cost is high

+ You will take time to get used to using it

+ Your business will depend on the internet

+ Every times you have issue, it take time for the POS provider to solve your problem if you are at province


Don’t worry. In HANGPOPOK, we understand your obstacles. Come to Hangpopok, you will get full benefits as other POS System but you will not need to worry a lot because:

+ We provide you a POS Solution that you don’t need to buy any of the equipment if you don’t want to. You can use our system with just your smart phone and your laptop

+ With just less than 1000 riel/ a day, you can own a POS system which can help you manage your business better

+ With just a phone call, we can resolve your problem in the remote area, online. Because we applying the trendy, up-to-date, cloud computing technology

+ Our system developed according to the needs of the business owners in Cambodia and got rid of all the complicated issues in a POS System, then HANG POPOK is very easy to use. We also have a lot of videos and blog posts to help you understand our system

You are also able to use the system for FREE for 15 days!! Just click the below link FREE TRIAL

If you need more information, please contact us through mobile phone 0885 789789



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