For Shop Owners! How To INCREASE Your PROFITS

Being a shop owners in the increasingly competing marketplace, you are wondering that your shop income has been decreasing or has not been changing for a long time. Indeed, most of shop owners have been ignoring the opportunities to peak their shops income. Here are some tips that you should take as a business owners.

Exploit the old customers

Some customers keep buying your products after their first purchase but most of them only buy your products once. Then these customers are the potential market for you to exploit. Keep a file of those customers who had bought your products and keep sending them your promotions. They will definitely become your new income sources.

Manage your stock effectively

Product loss is a matter to shop owners. It decreases the income of your shop. Besides, if you are not clear about your stock, the best seller products as well as other products, it can lead to the unbalance stock in and stock out which can also reduce your profit.

Calculate your daily income and costs

Understanding your daily income and costs, you can deduct the unnecessary costs and as a result increase your income.

Manage the supply price

There can be many suppliers for one product and each supplier may have different price. Therefore, a list of products along with their suppliers and prices helps you to be able to input the best products with the most reasonable prices which can, as a result, increasing your shop’s profit


We know it is hard to manage that much of information by hand, therefore, you need a user-friendly reasonable POS system. HANGPOPOK system which is designed according to Khmer shop owner’s need with the price started from $8/month can help you manage all the information and increase your shop income. You are able to try the product for free for 10 days, if you need more information please contact us at phone number 088 5 789 789


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